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A professional manager and engineer with extensive international and industry experience.
My background covers a wide variety of technologies that include semiconductor process development, semiconductor device development, semiconductor imagers, lasers, hardware design and physical electronics.

Graduate and post graduate study at the University of Minnesota, Colorado State University, Stanford Business School, Babcock College and the University of Northern Illinois.

Besides R&D management, I have managed manufacturing, quality and financial organizations and been the CEO of an international startup.

This breadth of management experience has provided a robust base of experience with the entire product cycle and an all encompassing view of how organizations work.

I am a recipient of a 2012 Academy Award (Oscar) for technical development of the Phantom High Speed Camera and an “Emmy” in 2011; in additional to other awards for professional achievement.
 I thoroughly enjoy working with small organizations and am passionate about helping new businesses succeed.

I hold six patents personally, sit on two BoD, and own TASTERRA LLC a small consulting and design firm focused on high tech product development for specialized applications. I am an Angel investor in six companies.

Recently, I have been recognized for one of my camera adaptations that has successfully been installed on the International Space Station, while another camera has been used by NASA in the world’s largest parachute test. In April 2018 I was awarded the “Outstanding Individual Achievement by Region 5 of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.

Engineer in Residence Program
Patrick Henry High School Hall of Fame
YMCA Chapel Project
2012 Academy Award