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Northern Colorado Broadband

A letter to the Loveland City Council and Broadband Task Force
Richard Toftness

February 6, 2018

To the Loveland Council and other interested parties,

 The presentations at the recent council meeting were interesting.  ALLO stood out as a possible bidder for constructing a network. As you are aware, there are things to consider in addition to being good constructor and possible joint owner.

I do not believe it is in the best interest of the city to delay any further.
 I believe the next step is to move forward by hiring an experienced firm to undertake an engineering study that will produce a detailed plan and cost estimate. 
With this information the city will be able to better evaluate a potential partner, and accurately manage that partner or a city run project. I know this will be an expensive RFQ, but it is a necessary investment in our community.

I strongly support the development of a city wide broadband network. I believe the implications for the future of our city are huge. If we have to partner with some firm because we believe that is the best answer, so be it. But I believe we have an unprecedented opportunity, one that is available to very few other communities. That is to partner with our neighbors to the North and South. A Northern Colorado wide broadband network will energize the economic climate of the entire region and promote our community as a progressive, positive community to the rest of the nation. I believe it will help our already strong arts community become stronger and more vibrant. It will be essential for our entrepreneurial community to flourish.
Entrepreneurial growth in our community is a personal goal of mine. As I believe that is a great way to create opportunity for our young people. Few things are as rewarding as seeing someone succeed at their personal dream of starting a business.

To me the opportunity to become part of a larger system that has shared operating costs, technology and operating expertise seems to be an obvious good idea. Add in the PRPA fiber ring asset and it becomes a remarkable opportunity.

Best of luck. And thank you to all the Council Members and Broadband Task Force Members for their service to our community.

Richard F. Toftness

(This is a shortened version of a letter sent to the Mayor on Feb 1.)

​​A seasoned professional manager with extensive international and industry experience.
My background covers a wide variety of technologies that include semiconductor process development, semiconductor device development, semiconductor imagers, lasers, hardware design and physical electronics.
Graduate and post graduate study at the University of Minnesota, Colorado State University, Stanford Business School and the University of Northern Illinois.
Besides R&D management, I have managed manufacturing, quality and financial organizations.
This breadth of management experience has provided a robust base of experience with the entire product cycle and an all encompassing view of how organizations work.
I am a recipient of a 2012 Academy Award (Oscar) for technical development of the Phantom High Speed Camera in additional to other awards for professional achievement.
While I have successfully managed organizations of greater than 1000 people I thoroughly enjoy working with small organizations and am passionate about helping new businesses succeed.
I hold six patents, sit on two BoD, and own TASTERRA LLC a small consulting and design firm focused on high tech product development for specialized applications. Tasterra is composed of a group of seasoned technologists that only take on projects that are challenging and interesting. Our specialty is high speed camera based applications for measurement or imaging.
Recently I have been recognized for one of my camera adaptations that has successfully been installed on the International Space Station, while another camera has been used by NASA in the worlds largest parachute test.