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Northern Colorado Broadband
Richard Toftness respons to an email from Councilor Steve Olson
February 20, 2018


Fogle passes on an email to the entire council and Steve Olson replies in minutes to my paper on voting analysis concerning broadband.

A letter to the Loveland City Council and Broadband Task Force
​Richard Toftness
February 6, 2018

Loveland Council Explores Broadband Proposals from Six Providers-
My Personal Take-Aways 
Richard Toftness
February 6, 2018

A message to the Loveland City Council
Glen Akins Feb 6, 2018
Glen gives his presepctive on the competitive situation in Loveland and what the council needs to consider in making their decision.

I do not believe it is in the best interest of the city to delay any further.
 I believe the next step is to move forward by hiring an experienced firm to undertake an engineering study that will produce a detailed plan and cost estimate. 
With this information the city will be able to better evaluate a potential partner, and accurately manage that partner or a city run project. I know this will be an expensive RFQ, but it is a necessary investment in our community.

Richard Shares his thoughts on the recent council meeting with six internet providers.
​People need to think aboiut the implications of working with a partner.

Dear Mayor Marsh and Loveland City Councilors
A letter outlining the current situation regarding broadband in Loveland
Roger Ison
February 5, 2018
John Fogle: Do you want broadband fiber for Loveland, or the status quo?
By John Fogle
Jan 29th, 2018 
Reporter-Herald Newspaper
The FCC Hopes its Empty Dedication to Rural Broadband Will Make You Forget it Killed Net Neutrality
Motherboard Jan 31st, 2018
The goal is to frame net neutrality as a fringe issue favored by the Hollywood elite, while suggesting the FCC’s hard at work tackling the real problem: rural broadband availability.
​A classic case of look over here.

For three-plus years the city of Loveland has been exploring and studying municipal fiber broadband and looking at multiple ways of making it happen. A task force of local concerned experts was appointed to study the subject and spent hundreds of hours at their task. City Council has received multiple presentations on the subject.
We are still studying.  The Broadband Taskforce has recommended that Loveland move forward with fiber broadband deployment by setting up a utility structure and start a formal cost exploration bid. On Feb. 6, City Council is scheduled to vote on fiber broadband moving forward. Now is the time to get your opinion heard.

Roger Ison pens an extensive letter to the Loveland Council outlining the current situation. Very interesting reading as Roger brings up a number of points that councilors and citizens need to consider.

Loveland Council Explores Broadband Proposals from Six Providers-
My Personal Take-Aways

R. Toftness
Jan 31, 2018

 Support City Council
proceeding on municipal
Open Forum, Jamie Leben 
Jan. 26th, 2018

I support the citizen
broadband committee’s recommendation
made in
December to pursue a model
where the city either provides
the entire system, or
(preferably) partners with
other established regional
municipal broadband systems
to pool and share common
needs like bandwidth,
support, service and maintenance

Observations on the January 30th, city council meeting.

ATEDX talk entitled
"The Internet Disruption Every City Needs"

The small city of AMMON has a unique solution to providing Gbit Internet service to their community.
​Comcast's Sneaky Cable Fees Have Jumped 241% in the Last Three Years
Karl Bode
Jan 11 2018, 10:07am

Loveland council should
do what’s best for
residents, advance
municipal broadband
Open Forum   Jan 16, 2018

The Story Of Wilson And Pinetops 
Thu, November 16, 2017 | Posted by lgonzalez
Updated Jan. 5, 2018

The future of high-quality Internet access in Pinetops, North Carolina, is precarious. Nearby Wilson’s municipal fiber network, Greenlight, provides gigabit connectivity for now, but a series of federal level decisions could change the situation at any moment. Now the story of these two communities and their fight for local telecommunications authority has come to life in the film Do Not Pass Go.
​A local screening is being planned at CSU.
On the heels of its shiny new tax break and successful attack on net neutrality, Comcast recently imposed a flurry of new price increases on its customers. Everything from the company’s TV service to the cost of modem rental (now $11 per month) saw increases with the arrival of the new year, a proud annual tradition for one of the least liked companies in America.
Buried in those increases however was an obnoxious and growing trend: the use of below the line fees to covertly jack up the advertised rate of Comcast TV service.

All of the business owners
that I have spoken with in
town are in favor of the city
going forward on municipal
broadband using the retail
model without delay.
Do not bow to special
interest pressure. Do what
is best for our citizens.

Vi Wickam, BSCOE
Wickam Group, LLC
Leadership Loveland
Class of 2018 present


Op-ed I'm on the FCC. Please stop us from killing net neutrality
Jessica Rosenworcel, LA Times
Nov 22, 2017
To Save Net Neutrality, We Must Build Our Own Internet
Motherboard, Jason Koebler Nov 21, 2017
Justin Trudeau, Other World Leaders Praise Net Neutrality Ahead Of FCC’s Planned Repeal
Tech 11/23/2017
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is among the world leaders who have spoken up in support of net neutrality this week in the wake of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission’s announcement that it plans to throw out regulations that require internet providers to treat all online content equally.
FCC commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel
"It’s a lousy idea. And it deserves a heated response from the millions of Americans who work and create online every day.
Net neutrality is the right to go where you want and do what you want on the internet without your broadband provider getting in the way. It means your broadband provider can’t block websites, throttle services or charge you premiums if you want to reach certain online content."
We must end our reliance​ on big telecom monopolies and build decentralized, affordable, locally owned internet infrastructure.
Truth Test: Ad against Fort Collins internet gives false choice
Next, Channel 4
Fort Collins
Broadband Initiative
A Balanced Perspective (Video)
September 14, 2017
An editorial published in the Reprter-Herald paper.
September 2017
Roger Ison
Roger Ison authors an editorial for the Reporter-Herald Paper.
The Information Science and Technology Center (IStec) at CSU sponsored a discussion of the pro and con arguments for municipal broadband in Fort Collins. The discussion is started with a factual presentation of Longmont's experience with their NextLight system. This 90 minute video does a good job of presenting both the pro and con viewpoints.
A week away from Election Day - all of Colorado is being bombarded by TV ads for a local issue in Fort Collins - where voters are being asked if they want to get high-speed internet as a city utility.
You know who doesn't like that idea? The companies that sell high-speed internet, who’ve pitched in six figures from trade associations to help fight question 2B in Fort Collins.
Loveland Broadband: Municipal Utility or Public/Private Partnership
Roger Ison
A Citizens Reply to Councilor Dave Clarks Questions
Roger Ison
May: City-owned telecom is a bad idea
Dave May
Coloradoan Paper
Oct. 15th, 2017 
Roger Ison responds to the thoughtful questions of Dave Clark, Loveland City Councilor from Ward 4.
Roger Ison presents his opinions about municipal broadband in Loveland in this paper that has been praised by both the Loveland and Fort Collins City Councils. A good unbiased read that discusses many of the details of this proposed project
Dave May, President and CEO of the Fort Collins Chamber of Commerence, gives his opinion why municipal broadband is a bad idea for Fort Collins.
Our view: A cautious yes on Fort Collins broadband
Coloradoan Editorial Board
Published 7:00 a.m. MT Oct. 20, 2017
Tennessee Could Give Taxpayers America's Fastest Internet For Free, But It Will Give Comcast and AT&T $45 Million Instead
April 11, 2017
Fiber broadband: Is it a waste with 5G and Elon Musk's satellites on the horizon?, ZDNet,
Jason Hiner
Feburary 5, 2017
A great example of a ridiculous use of taxpayer money under the guise of free market ideology.
Republican state Sen. Janice Bowling states that the Tennessee's state legislature has repeatedly bent over backwards for large ISPs.
"What we have right now is not the free market, it's regulations protecting giant corporations, which is the exact definition of crony capitalism," 

This is a great read!
If you're a telecommuter, an entrepreneur, or a technology lover, and fiber broadband is coming to your area, then you're likely chomping at the bit to get it installed as soon as it's available.But make no mistake,  investing in FTTP today will create the leaders in 2025 when the next wave of technologies -- especially artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and mixed reality -- will demand much more robust connections from both the home and the office.
How Big Telecom Gets Away With Rewriting America's Laws
April 6, 2016
Why Does Verizon Care About Telephone Poles
Sam Liccardo
Oct. 3, 2017
An interesting article on how our laws are influenced by big money contributions. Referenced in the article is a widely circulated opinion piece on the dangers of municipal broadband by the State Government Leadership Foundation.
The telecom industry is waging a war for cheap access to poles, at all levels. Big Telecom and its allies in the White House have quietly carried out a campaign to secure rapid and cheap access to those poles, at taxpayer expense. Colorado passed a state law suporting easy and expedited access to municipal poles in March, 2017. HB17-1193.