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Northern Colorado Broadband

Since 2015, the City of Loveland has been exploring the options of providing high-speed internet throughout the Loveland area. City Staff is currently gathering information and research for City Council to make a decision on the intiative.

Discover how communities are investing in their own internet infrastructure to promote economic prosperity and improve quality of life.


In true Northern Colorado style we have teamed up with Fort Collins to bring you the most complete document possible. It also has some interesting videos that explain some of the technology and terminology of fiber broadband. With the upcoming ballot issue the FAQ is Fort Collins centric, which we will update as Loveland approaches the same milestone. 

Click on the image and test the speed of your interent, both down (to your computer) and up (from your computer). This unique site is independant from one of the service providers and presents not only the average speeds but also a graph of how your speed varies from second to second.
It is interesting as your speed drops to near zero as your provider is servicing another customer and it takes a few seconds to "get up top full speed".
Try at busy times and quiet times.

Clicking on this image will take you to documents written by local people, a video and papers that have been published on aspects of the broadband market and technology.

Read what the candidates for City Council and copuncil members not up for re-election said when asked to answer the question: Which broadband internet option would you support, and why?